Network Security Should Be A Priority To Safeguard Finances And Reputation

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Secure Network Group, Inc. designs, builds, manages and now monitors information security systems and networks for large enterprises. Since its inception during the early days of commercial Internet usage (1995), Secure Network Group has continually distinguished itself by integrating leading edge security products in novel ways to gain the maximum benefit for our clients. We are very proud to have earned the position of trusted security partner to a number of Fortune 1000 companies. Our vision and mission for the future is to continue to provide excellent services in the support of large global networks and to be recognized as leader in the design, implementation and support of highly secure corporate internetworks. More about Secure Network Group >>

Managed Services
Get the benefits of security experts and resources - without needing to hire additional technical staff.
Professional Services
Professional Services provides the expertise and problem solving skills vital to the success of our company and any project we undertake for a client.

Security Resources
Read published white papers, articles and connect to sites from the world of e-security.
Secure Network Group has always maintained certification and close technical relationships with a large number of leading manufacturers of security related products. These ties have allowed us to integrate novel solutions and to push for innovation on more than one occasion.


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